Welcome to IURUF

Reformed University Fellowship at Indiana University

RUF meets at 8 PM on Tuesday nights in Woodburn Hall, Room 120

RUF at IU is a community of both believing and skeptical students. We gather together in non-threatening settings to ask questions and wrestle with the message of Christianity and its implications for ourselves, our friends, and our campus. We are here for the "convinced" and "unconvinced," the burned out and the bored, the cynical and the spiritual. Check out this website for different events and opportunties to connect with us and contact our staff with any questions or for more info.

Rev. Eric Whitley / Campus Minister / eric.whitley@ruf.org / 314.630.1711                              

Mary Paxton Gibson / Campus Staff / marypaxton.gibson@ruf.org / 601.383.3303                                 

Kerek Plummer / Intern / kerek.plummer@ruf.org / 859.229.6103

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter: @IURUF