Large Group

Our weekly Large Group meeting is on Tuesdays at 8 PM in Woodburn Hall, Room 120.

Large Group is what we call our main weekly gathering. A time of singing, teaching from the Bible, and just plain hanging out. A break from the busyness of the week and a time to be encouraged and refereshed. This is a very welcoming and inviting time where anyone, regardless of background or beliefs, should feel comfortable joining us. We usually have a Q&A time after the sermon where students can text Brad questions.

This semester Brad will be teaching a series on the Old Testament book of Exodus. Ever feel like you really don't know where you're supposed to be going in life? Why your life is playing out the way it is? Why things often seem so confusing? Congratulations, you're not alone. The book of Exodus tells the story of an entire nation of people who felt this way for a long time. However, their journey - and God's work in it - gives us great hope and direction in our journeys. Bring a friend & join us on Tuesday nights!